I want to go out tonight.

I want to go out tonight in a short skirt. I want to go out in the kind of see-through top that shows my bra off. I want to hear my heels click-clacking on the floor, I want my boobs to look fantastic, I want my ass to look fantastic, I want to feel amazing.

No. I want…

Dead on. And exactly how I feel today.

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maybe all we have to do is hold on..

maybe all we have to do is hold on..

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Thank you!

Thanks for the kind notes.  Things have gotten interesting, but I have great friends.

Thanks again!

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Because something needs to be said

I’m headed to Albuquerque this morning because my grandpa is dead.  It was sudden, unexpected, and terrible.  We found out yesterday.

But what’s worse?  He’s been dead since Tuesday.  None of my mom’s step-siblings bothered to call her because they wanted to raid his house for valuables and knew she wouldn’t have let them.

Nothing is more important to these people than money.  And I fucking hate them.

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The Maya did not predict the “end of the world” on December 21, 2012. That date simply happens to be on the Long Count calendar, marking the end of the 13th “baktun” (a calendar unit that is 144,000 days long) and starts the beginning of the next baktun. The ending of such a…


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Hilda is the god damn most precious pin up you’ll ever find and it’s pretty hard to pick favorites when it comes to paintings of her :Tc

aw oh man I like theeese

so cute


I’m sure there are people following me who would like these.

I am sure!


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I saw this a couple of weeks ago and it still has me thinking about my own privilege and how it affects others.  I hope that makes sense?

reblog with your hipster self



game here

Fun! I look exactly like myself.  However, can hipsters only be white?  That doesn’t seem right…

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